Tuesday, January 04, 2005


ahhh, so i just learned that mom has decided that wes and i will host tgiving 2005 here in new haven. furthermore, this will be followed by a trip to new york so everyone can visit and tour nyc. isn't this interesting? mom has invited all of you to my house for me. interesting. it would be nice although everyone (except tre if he is by himself) would have to get a hotel room (and tre wouldn't bc he could sleep on our futon).

i would love for everyone to see where we live and the downtown area we walk around all the time. i think erby has decided that she loves nyc for whatever reason and now we all have to love it as well. i have no idea how you guys feel about nyc but their strategy for visiting over new years was great between the hotel, its location, catching the train, etc.

anyways, everyone start planning and saving so you can all come up here for tgiving (and it prob won't be as snowy as chicago was since it hasn't snowed that much here this year at all). i am going to take a nap before my friend, yolanda, comes to pick me up to get wes from the airport. i will try to get wes to write about his las vegas trip. OH! mom also wants us to go to las vegas with her and dad in ?july? definitely sometime over the summer.

and to start a major fam discussion, everyone give their opinion on if wes and i should stay up here in new england after he graduates. dad thinks i should go to yale and wes should work at yale hospital. we have really been discussing if we would like to stay this far from family. so if anyone has ideas or opinions, please let me know.

and yes, tre, i read some of your other blog. interesting..........


At 1:33 PM, Blogger Tre said...

Oh, I didn't even know that you knew about the other blog. It's all good though.

Funny, that mom is inviting everybody to New Haven for Thanksgiving. Does Wes know about this? What if his family came too? That would be a really big celebration, eh?

If only Jackie would say something on here--wouldn't that be nice.

Living in the New England area definitely has its advantages. You two will be close to the financial capital of the world and near several major cities. How is that savings account coming along?

At 8:13 AM, Blogger Claudia said...

Yes, please remember, I know everything so I defintely knew if you started this blog that you either had a personal one or you had one with friends. And yes it is interesting that mom is inviting everyone here. Wes knows; she said it in front of him. His family will never come up here for a holiday celebration. Too many people live in Miss. close to their house that come over and they wouldn't want to make his grandparents travel that far at their age. They barely let them drive at night from madison to vicksburg!

Anyways, it was really special for me when mom agreed to come to Jackson for xmas day. I wouldn't have wanted to leave her by herself in nola, but she could have said that she wouldn't go. Maybe we should do things like that more often. For instance, if dad does get a table at the Zulu Ball, I would like to invite The Praters. I think it would be a wonderful experience for me and wes not to be split all the time for events and holidays since there's a 3hr drive between the 2 places.

On another note, living in the northeast does have its advantages, but it has its disadvantages as well. We are not close to any family. If an accident occurred here, it would be difficult for people to come help and the same if soemthing happened to someone down south for us. Does anyone have some recommendations on cities that we should move to? We are looking at Charlotte and DC area. We had Baton Rouge so i could go to LSU but dad blew that up. We haven't ruled it out, but i would like some feedback. Anyone?

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Ana Everette said...

Hello everyone.


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