Monday, January 10, 2005

Anybody have some digital pics??

So I'm collecting pictures of any event. If you have any digital pictures, send me some. Jackie and Demond, you said you would send me pictures months ago...what happened? Claudia and Spencer, I am sure you have some wonderful pictures from the respective new year celebrations. Vegas...oh yeah, let's see em. New York...give em up.

Spencer, I didn't intend to leave you out. I just wanted to let you participate at your own risk. Just like Claudia's newsletter, I want to hear about the fun you two are having in that corner of the nation from both of you. Don't worry though, I had just finished harassing Jackie and Demond to chime in. Luckily Claudia is on her game because you were next.

Bythebye - $150 later, my car is all better now. For anyone purchasing a used car, I definitely recommend extended warranties. My five year warranty has paid for itself in three years. Just a thought...



At 11:08 AM, Blogger Claudia said...

ahhh, Tre, always with the practical financial advice....(i.e. extended car warranties).....interesting.

no, i don't have any digital pics; i don't even have a digital cam! but we have been scanning and editing pics we've been developing to put in an online photo album (and by we, i mean spencer). so when thats done, you are more than welcome to download those.

also, i spoke to the wedding photo/video people, and they are supposedly mailing my wedding video today. that means we can possibly watch it in nola if people come for the ball. how exciting!

and after $120, the jeep has a new turning signal relay and now it works!

[i am going dress shopping after work!]


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